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Organization Design


Increase your company's value

Are you looking to build a solid and successful business? If so, organization design from Maat Blocks can help you achieve your goals. We offer premium organization design services to enhance your strategy, structure, systems, value propositions, and culture.

Our organization design services are the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. We can help you get off the right foot if you are starting. If you want to grow your business, we can assist you in making the necessary changes to support that growth. And if you are ready to transform or sell your business, we can help you maximize its value.


At Maat Blocks, we make it easy to design, build, and manage your business to increase its value. Contact us when you are ready to start.

Premium Organization Design Services


We design your organization

Strategic plan

Business model outline

Business plan

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We build what we design

Digital systems

Data pipelines

Data analytics​


Strategic advisory

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We manage what we build


Payroll & people Insights

Marketing management

IT systems

Change management

Virtual CFO services

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Prospective clients must submit a proposal request using the form provided to determine if their project qualifies. We reserve the right to deny any project for any reason. Therefore, please ensure your proposal is appropriate before submitting it. Services, setup time, and pricing are subject to change.

FAQ about organization design

Who should use organization design services from Maat Blocks?
If you are a business owner, manager, or entrepreneur with an annual revenue target of $1 million or more, then you should consider Maat Blocks' organization design services.

What is organization design?

Organization design is an architectural blueprint that empowers you to take a strategic approach to build an effective and efficient business organization.


Once built, a well-designed organization will have a clear and competitive strategy, a robust and differentiated value proposition, a lean and agile structure, and effective systems with efficient processes that develop a strong and healthy culture. 

Why is organization design important?

An organization that was "designed" is better equipped to achieve its goals and drive better results by having a framework that empowers it to optimize its strengths, overcome weaknesses, protect against threats, and advance on opportunities.


When should you use organization design?
We recommend using organization design when significant changes in the operating environment, new strategies, or the current plan is not fit for purpose. 

Where is organization design likely to have the most impact?
An effective organizational design can have the most impact where it matters most to stakeholders— all stakeholders matter.


How to purchase and use organization design?

  • See our demo and request a proposal.

  • Accept our offer, sign our agreement, and make payment.

  • Define and share your requirements with us.

  • Use organization design as a blueprint to build your business, or hire us to build it for you.



How long does organization design take to complete?

It takes around 30 days to design a startup organization, but the time frame is less predictable for existing organizations. 


How much does organization design cost the client?

Maat Blocks offers organization design services starting at $10,000, but the price may change depending on the project.

What are the benefits of organization design?

There are many benefits to organization design, which include increasing stakeholder value, improving financials, increasing efficiencies, and increasing learning and growth.

How do you estimate the value of organization design?

We recommend viewing organization design as a long-term capital investment and using various methods to determine its value, such as ROIROIC, economic profit, NPV, and IRR.

What if you have other questions?

Ask your questions in our chatbox or contact us via email.

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