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AI-Driven Marketing


Increase your marketing & grow your business

Marketing today is digital and data-driven. No longer can we get away with only being creative and using vague analytics. Instead, we must be assertive and constantly evolve with the changing landscape of business and technology.


Our team at Maat Blocks is confident in our ability to provide you with the best marketing practices and strategy that will put your company on the map. Our marketing division leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, psychology, and neuroscience. Moreover, we see a future where those techniques combine with virtual and augmented reality.


We predict mixed reality will enable marketers' creativity levels to reach an all-time high! So, how prepared is your organization for the future?

Blockchain-Data Vibes.png

Marketing Services

Marketing Basics

Professional branding kit

Professional branded domain

Professional branded email

Professional website/SEO*

Setup time: 15 days

Price: starting at $3950

*Does not include e-commerce.

Marketing Standard

Marketing Basics +

Digital marketing plan

Email marketing setup

Social pages setup

Social & search ads set up 

Analytics & reports

Setup time: 30 days

Price: starting at $9500

Marketing Advanced

Marketing Standard +

Marketing management

Custom marketing solution

Price: Requires a proposal



Prospective clients must submit a proposal request using the form provided to determine if their project qualifies. We reserve the right to deny any project for any reason. Therefore, please ensure your proposal is appropriate before submitting it. Services, setup time, and pricing are subject to change.

FAQ about our marketing services

Who should use our marketing services?
Maat Blocks provides marketing services to help small-medium businesses reach more clients/customers and increase revenue within the United States.

What are the benefits of our marketing services?
Marketing is an integral part of generating revenue. Without it, there would be no customers to buy from and therefore no company growth or profits! We can help ensure your digital marketing system produces strategic and profitable results.

Why are those benefits significant?
Strategic and profitable growth is vital because it can help you reach your long-term goals more efficiently than random marketing activities. 

When can we get started?
We can get started now! We can have your marketing system up and running in 30 days or less. 

Where are our marketing services delivered?
We deliver our digital marketing services via the cloud.

How will you know if marketing services are working?
Marketing results will show in your analytics.

What if you have other questions?

Ask your questions in our chatbox or contact us by email.


100% of our clients increased their revenue by using our marketing services.

Mark Pegues, Co-Founder

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